sandtray therapy

Sandtray Therapy: A Practical Manual by Linda E. Homeyer and Daniel S. Sweeney

Sandtray Therapy is an essential book for professionals and students interested in incorporating this unique modality into work with clients of all ages. The third edition includes information on integrating neurological aspects of trauma and sandtray, updates per the DSM-5, and a new chapter on normative studies of the use of sandtray across the lifespan. As in previous editions, readers will find that the book is replete with handouts, images, examples, and resources for use in and out of the classroom. The authors’ six-step protocol guides beginners through a typical session, including room setup, creation and processing of the sandtray, cleanup, post-session documentation, and much more.

Sandplay and Storytelling: The Impact of Imaginative Thinking on Children’s Learning and Development by Barbara A. Turner PhD and‎ Kristin Unnsteinsdottir 

Combining the fields of child psychology and child education, this groundbreaking work explores how engaging children in Jungian sandplay therapy and imaginative storytelling can improve classroom performance and to increase intelligence scores. Written by child specialists, it makes a solid argument for the necessary consideration of the unconscious and the inner world of the individual child in learning and advocates that curriculum design for children must include both imaginative therapeutic play and active attention to children’s emotional needs. Educators, psychotherapists, and concerned parents alike will find this book informative and useful.