December, 2020 Therapist Book Club

December, 2020 Therapist Book Club

2020 has been a doozy for all of us. Like most of the therapists I’ve spoken with, I’ve struggled this year. Surviving the collective trauma and ongoing pandemic while supporting a caseload of people doing the same is just hard. Over the last few months I’ve been intermittently attempting to up my self-care game and I decided I wanted to do something big to wrap up the never ending decade year so I thought a book club would be fun. I’ve had tons of followers ask about them over the years and now seems like the perfect time to connect over reading.

Ironically, setting up a book club to address the stress triggered some serious stress. I had no idea what book to choose. (I’ve spent a lot of time lately reading books about other pandemics but that doesn’t seem like it would be soothing for typical people.) So, I reached out to my friend / self-care guru Julia Ayraud. She’s an LPC-supervisor in Texas with a group practice and a coaching practice focused on self-care. I knew Julia would be able to point me in the right direction and she did not disappoint. She had a list of suggestions and we finally narrowed it down to, drum roll please, An Invitation to Self-Care: Why Learning to Nurture Yourself is the Key to the Life You’ve Always Wanted! by Tracey Cleantis, LMFT.

Invitation to Self-Care is available on Kindle too.

I’m excited about this book because it has a practical approach and a personal assessment. I also love that it’s written by another therapist. An Invitation to Self-Care was written by Tracey Cleantis Dwyer, an LMFY and author. You can find her here or on Facebook and Instagram.

Join the December Therapy Book Club

We’re going to read An Invitation to Self-Care throughout the month of December. Grab your copy and join in the conversation! I want to hear what you think about the book and how you’re taking care of yourself through the holiday season. If you’re a therapist or a therapist in training, join our new Facebook group. Even if you’re not in the group, I would love to have you read along. Grab a copy and join the conversation!

Buy An Invitation to Self-Care from Amazon HERE or from a small bookstore on Bookshop HERE

If you’re struggling to care for your soul as 2020 drags on, check out Julia’s Farewell to 2020 event. She’s hosting experts from our field as they provide daily lessons from November 29th to December 18th. They’ll cover everything from imposter syndrome, sleep hygiene and perfectionism to business practices that will help curb burnout. You can sign up for free HERE.

Here are a few of the books considered. They’re all worth reading if you want to focus on self-care.

The Self-Care Project: How to let go of frazzle and make time for you by Jayne Hardy

Counselor Self-Care by Gerald Corey, Michelle Muratori, Jude T. Austin II, and Julius A. Austin

Recharge: A Year of Self-Care to Focus on You by Julie Montagu

Buy An Invitation to Self-Care from Amazon HERE or from a small bookstore on Bookshop HERE

If you know of another book we should read or an expert willing to share their favorite resources, let us know here or tell us about it in the comments. Make sure you’re also following The Therapist’s Bookshelf on Facebook and Instagram.

Many therapists enjoy recommending books to their clients to supplement the work they are doing together. We also use books to help ourselves grow as people and practitioners. Remember though that books are never a replacement for real human connection or for therapy when it’s needed. If you find yourself needing a therapist, a great place to start is Psychology Today. If you are having thoughts of hurting yourself or someone else, please contact the National Suicide Prevention

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Le Shepard, LPC earned her MA in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX. She sees clients face to face at Wise County Christian Counseling and works with individuals or couples through her online-only private practice. 1000 Hills Counseling & Consulting. Le loves to read, adventure, and play with her corgi or kids.

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