My Next 90 Days Review

My Next 90 Days Review


The My Next 90 Days Daily Action Planner starts with self-reflection and self-care then returns to those themes continually. Each week you start by evaluating your to-do list, defining your priorities, and making a plan to work towards your goals.

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my next 90 days

About the author:

My Next 90 Days was created by Angela Jia Kim, a former concert pianist and founder of Savor Beauty + Spa. She used the techniques that helped her develop her skills as a professional musician to aid others in creating new habits. You can learn more about her here or follow her on Instagram.

What we love:

I really liked the format of this planner. The weekly planning exercise flowed well and didn’t seem too overwhelming. I also appreciated the acknowledgment that some task are tedious but necessary while others are exciting and move us to our goals. This planner hit the right balance between self-reflection and practicality for me. Plus it required minimal time investment to see a real change in the efficiency of my days.

I always have mixed feelings about a planner that doesn’t last for a whole year. For one thing, it increases the cost that you would spend for a year. More importantly to me though, most of us have plans for events several months out. I realized I tend to put those in my phone though and used this more to organize my days and weeks so it worked well for that. In the end, I think the 90 day format works because it is long enough to create new habits without feeling too overwhelming.

What we didn’t: 

This is purely personal preference but I didn’t care for the blank inspiration pages. I’m not artistic enough in that way so those are anxiety provoking for me. If you like to draw, collage or bullet journal, you will enjoy those sections.

Clinical Use:

I really liked this planner and I think it would be a great tool for anyone wanting to focus on creating new habits and a life influenced by their personal values.

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My Next 90 Days Daily Action Planner


Final Grade



  • focus on self-care
  • neatly organized


  • blank pages
  • doesn't last whole year

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