EVO Flow System review

EVO Flow System review


The EVO Flow System is unlike any other planner because it is customized to how you approach organization. Before ordering, you take a “brain type assessment” and are put into one of four categories. You get the planner that is specifically designed for your brain type.   The idea is that we have different perspectives, needs, and ways of approaching organization so this planner works with our natural strengths and weaknesses to help achieve our goals.

About the author:

The EVO Flow System by Project EVO is the brainchild of Arman Assadi and Chad Mureta. They have spear headed the research into brain types and the crowdfunding campaigns that made this planner a reality.

My brain type is oracle, so that’s the planner I reviewed.  Yours might be different depending on your assessment. 

What we love:

I’ll admit that I initially wasn’t sold on the idea of a planner based on brain types because I thought it seemed gimmicky.  Within a few days of using it though, I actually really liked it.  The planner limits the daily priorities and makes you allot time to them which was significantly more efficient than the pile of sticky note to-dos covering my desk.  I also really liked that each day I needed to add something for wellness and fun because it helped me realize how often I was skipping those.

This system showed me where I was spinning my wheels and really helped be more focused so that I could get things done.  I thought it was well organized and the clean layout kept me from feeling so overwhelmed.  

The EVO Flow System is also the only one I have seen that integrates a paper planner with technology. At the end of each day you fill in the circles for tasks you completed and you rate your productivity score. You can scan this with the EVO app and it tracks your progress. That allows you to see where you are making gains and helps you figure out changes that might help you be more efficient.

What we didn’t:

My biggest complaint against the EVO system was that it only covers four months.  That does make sense because a full year of so many pages would be very bulky.  I prefer for my calendar to have the full year though. The limited space also means that you would need to buy three to get through a year, making the annual cost of a planner relatively high. 

One other weakness is that an Android app isn’t available yet.  I’m told the EVO team is working hard to make that available though and I’m excited to use that as soon as it comes out.

Clinical Use:

I love the EVO Flow System for clients and clinicians alike.  I feel comfortable recommending it to anyone who is wanting to get more organized or be more efficient.  I also like the idea of using it with clients with high functioning depression.  The focus on gratitude and self care in addition to working of a few high priority tasks can be helpful for some. 


I also got to try out the daily planner note cards and they were great.  They have all the pieces of the daily planner on a postcard sized paper.  Those are a great way to test out the system or an affordable option to share with clients and see if the system works for them.



This post is one in a series of planner reviews to help you get ready for 2019.  You can find the roundup of all the planners I reviewed here.







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EVO Flow System


Final Grade



  • Tailored to brain type
  • Works with app to track progress


  • Doesn't cover full year
  • No android app yet

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