You Are Not Crazy: Letters From Your Therapist

You Are Not Crazy: Letters From Your Therapist


You Are Not Crazy is a collection of letters written by a therapist to his clients.  This book offers both a glimpse into the therapy office and words of wisdom to people who are struggling.   The letters are organized into categories based on the clinical issues that Mr. Klow’s clients tend to present with.  There are sections on entering therapy, the quest for love, toxic masculinity, couples work and more.

About the author:

David Klow is a practicing LMFT and founder of Skylight Counseling Center in Chicago.  He is also a clinical lecturer at Northwestern University.  Mr. Klow’s experience as both clinician and teacher are obvious in this book.  He writes with the heart of a therapist and shares clinical examples in a way that makes it easy for new practitioners to understand.

What we love:

I enjoyed the concept of You Are Not Crazy.  I also found several metaphors and perspectives that I have been able to incorporate into my own work with clients.

The letters in You Are Not Crazy address many different issues that are typical among therapy clients. Mr. Klow shares his honest impressions of the people he sees and shares his thoughts on their situations.  His compassionate approach to the people he sees can help demystify the therapy process and could help potential clients feel comfortable enough to take the plunge to get help.

What we didn’t:

The issues addressed in You Are Not Crazy are very broad which is both a pro and a con.   Many clients would find some that they resonate with but fewer would connect with the book as a whole.  I found that I struggled to stay interested in the letters by the end of book.

Clinical Use:

You Are Not Crazy is a good book to recommend for prospective clients because the letters present therapy as safe and helpful.  I would feel comfortable sharing it with clients who are new to therapy or ambivalent about getting help.  I also see some clinical use in sharing specific letters that apply to clients’ situations.   This book was not written for clients with trauma histories or those with severe mental illnesses and does not go in depth into those issues.

I think it’s also a helpful read for students or early career therapists.  Similar to many of Yalom’s works, Mr. Klow’s transparency about his perspectives and experiences as a therapist are especially valuable to those new to the field.


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You Are Not Crazy: Letters From Your Therapist


Final Grade



  • Great introduction to therapy
  • Transparent and compassionate


  • Overly broad
  • Sometimes repetitive

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