Welcome to the bookshelf

Welcome to the bookshelf

Welcome to my bookshelf. My name is Le Shepard. I’m a counselor who absolutely loves to read and geeks out on all things psychology related.  I’m excited to build this resource for our community.

Does anyone have a book for..

This site is designed to answer the question therapists ask every time we get together.  We’re constantly on the lookout for resources to improve our skills or help our clients but no one person can keep up with all the possibilities for every need that finds its way onto our couches. On The Therapist’s Bookshelf, you can search for books by theory, modality, or clinical issues.  You’ll also find shopping guides, author lists, and book reviews written by therapists who focus on the niche each book is written for. 

Whether you’re a therapist, psychologist, counselor or other mental health processional, you’re bound to find something you need here. If you know of a book that should be included in the lists, I want to hear about it.  If you are interested in writing a review or sending a book in for us to read, check out the guidelines here.

I’m excited to watch this resource and community grow.  If you’re interested, you can learn more about me on LinkedIn.  Check back often and share your ideas in the comment section or shoot me an email here.  Also, make sure that you’re following the bookshelf on Facebook and Instagram.

See you in the stacks,

Le Shepard, M.A., LPC

When you’re a therapist and you go to Disney World, you have to meet the Inside Out emotions.


Le Shepard

Le Shepard, LPC earned her MA in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX. She sees clients face to face at Wise County Christian Counseling and works with individuals or couples through her online-only private practice. 1000 Hills Counseling & Consulting. Le loves to read, adventure, and play with her corgi or kids.

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